Vissermanaak Sulis

Sailcharter Friesland - round about 20 traditional Dutch Sailingboats for rent in Friesland / sailing in Friesland, IJsselmeer and Waddensea

Sailcharter Sneek - flat bottom sailing boats for rent Friesland / sailing in Friesland, on IJsselmeer and Waddensea

The homeports of our Lemsteraken are at the IJsselmeer and Wadden Sea, in Lemmer, Lelystad, Makkum and Sneek. Bare boat charter or Lemsteraak - Renting without experience? For guests without experience with this traditional sailing barges (lemsteraak, zeeschouw, grundel) we offer different instruction and trainings. It's possible to rent a skipper on atraditional sailing vessel Friesland too.
The sailing areas are the frisisan waterways and lakes, the IJsselmeer and the Wadden Sea.Vissermanaak - Sailing yachts charter, Netherland,flat bottom sailing boats - Dutch Yacht Charter, Boating holidays an Netherlands inland waterways. Sailing Barge holidays and cruise vacations on frisian canals and seas. Our barges offer all the comforts of home while, cruising on the water.
Bare boat charter Parties with sufficient sailing experience can set off on a holiday with one of our traditional Lemsteraak yachts which can be chartered without on-board crew for sailing journeys on the IJsselmeer, Wadden Sea and Frisian inland waterways.