The flat bottom vissermanaken from Sailcharter Friesland

Vissermanaak, without deck house, but with an extra large cockpit:

Since 2000 the number of Lemsteraken with the layout of Visserman has increased steadily. The ships today are on average longer than that of the last century (today many of the boats 14 to 17 meters long). The large cockpit offers the crew, for example a family with children a lot of space.

KIKKERKONING, 8-(10)p, Workum
Vissermanaak KIKKERKONING, 8-(10)p, Workum Kikkerkoning
SULIS, 6-(8)p, Workum
Vissermanaak SULIS, 6-(8)p, Workum Sulis
HA 4, 4-6p, Workum
Vissermanaak HA 4, 4-6p, Workum HA 4

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