Sailinginstruction Trainings weekend with flatbottomed sailing boat

Before you go on holiday with one of our Lemsteraken, Sailcharter Friesland offers you the possibility to participate in our annual training weekends. You sail with the skipper/owner a weekend to experience the sailing with such a flat-bottom yacht. The skipper/owner will show you the manoeuvre and will of course practise the specific sailing manoeuvres with you.

When you doubt whether if you want to go on holiday with a flat-bottom yacht, this is the possibility pre-eminently to try it once. If you take the decision after such a weekend to hire a flat-bottom yacht in the same season, then 50% of the registration fee will be deducted on the rent (only Flatbottom > 10 metres).
The cost to participate in the training weekend are 275 Euro per person and 70 Euro for the board cash, drinks not included. Out of the board cash the harbour dues, diesel and the meals will be paid.
The Vrouwe Franciska the barge on which the training weekends will be done, will be prepared for you in the weekends:

16. - 18.03.18


23. - 25.03.18

It is allowed to maximum 8 persons and maximum 2 per participation.