Book day trips, day cruises with flat-bottomed sailing boats from Workum

Day trip with a traditional sailing yacht for 'Blind-Date'* - price 750,00 Euro, all in.

* Blind-Date Price ?

From Makkum we offer the following Aken: Vrouwe Franciska, Bellefleur, Kikkerkoning and Sulis, all vessels are suitable for day charter for max 12 guests (per boat). These models, we offer for a 'blind date' price of 750,00 EUR incl. Skipper, incl. Ports and bridges fees, cleaning and incl. cost of diesel at the fixed price. 'Blind Date' price means you choose a specific date and book an accommodation, we ask one of the above yachts. The decision as to which sailors will be reserved for you by us, sometimes the decision falls on the day before your cruise.


• Day trips can be booked for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, embarking 9.00 clock, returning in Makkum 18.00 clock.
• Your reservation must be received by us at least 6 weeks before the booked date.
• You leave the choice of the vessel for us from the above fleet.
Lemsteraak Vrouwe Franciska

Lemsteraak Vrouwe Franciska on Sneekermeer

Why starting day cruises in the marina at Makkum ?

Makkum is, due to its location in almost all wind conditions and wind directions suitable to make a nice day trip with a flat-bottom sailing yacht: going through the lock at Kornwerderzand is only a short time to reach the waddensea and you can go for example to Harlingen, or even you drive the ship for a short time on a sandbank. If you stay on the IJsselmeer, are dependent on the wind direction Medemblik or the ports along the Frisian coast accessible. If there is a lot of wind on the day of your cruise, you can go through the lock in Makkum and sailing on the inland waterways to Workum, and back to Makkum. So is almost always something possible. Lemsteraak Vrouwe Franciska

Lemsteraak Vrouwe Franciska on Sneekermeer

Expiry of a day trip with one of our flat-bottomed yachts :

Embarking from 9.00 clock, round about 18.00 clock we are back to the home port of Makkum. Target is set in the morning together with the skipper considering the weather and wind forecast. Depending on the target and planning can a small stop scheduled in a harbor.
The on-board catering is supplied by you, but may also be ordered with us at a catering company.

Catering :

Examples for a day cruise :

Workum :

Sailing in Makkum through the lock, then sailing on the jib (or engine) on the Workumertrekvaart by Parrega to Workum, to enjoy the Frisian landscape. Workum there is the possibility to go ashore, visit the Jopie Huysman museum, eat out at a restaurant, ... From Workum it goes back through the lock on the IJsselmeer and then sailing back to Makkum.

Hindeloopen or Stavoren :

If you want to sail more and longer, provides places are Hindeloopen or Stavoren. Both places are surely worth going aboard for a walk and and as little layover of the cruise.

Harlingen :

Directly in morning sailing through the lock at Konwerderzand and the by the Bontjes to Harlingen. This single Frisian Wadden Sea port city holds a large fleet of traditional charter ships and it offers a special atmosphere. After a break ashore, it goes back to Makkum.


Catering can be booked on request to