Weekend sailing in Friesland with Grundel Volharding

Leeuwarden - Eernewoude - Grou - Leeuwarden

Friday 14.00 - Monday 9.00

  3 overnachtingen, 3 Übernachtungen, 3 nights

Weekend sailing in Friesland with Grundel Volharding from Leeuwarden

1. Night:

Depending on the wind direction you go by the Schalke Diep under the Fonejachtbridge towards the natural area de Alde Feanen (Eernewoude) or follow the “Staande mastroute ” to Grou.

2. Night:

After you sailed all around in the natural area you go by Pikmeer to Grou (or from Grou to Eernewoude) On Sunday you can come back relaxed from both places to Leeuwarden ... alternativ route by Warten.

This route is also suitable for the bigger flat-bottomed sailing boats we rent out from Leeuwarden, but these boats can't go the route by the Fonejachtbridge, the bridge is too low for these sailing boats and opnes only for special transportats and also operates only at night. Only the Grundel Volharding can pass the Fonejachtbridge.

Itineraries for sailing boats are not easy, the possibilities always depend on the direction of the wind. You can sail the proposed trips by engine normally aal time. What we published here is only a small part of the possibilities Friesland offers water sports and particularly the sailors. If you are traveling here in Friesland you have besides many cozy harbors still many hundreds of piers that are simply built into nature (Marrekrite), as a free place to stay for a night or have a break.

Grundel Volharding

Grundel Volharding sailing in Friesland

Grundel Volharding