Lemsteraken, Flatboats for sale:

Safety booking with our company

Sometimes an owner who gave his ship in our charter, wants to sale for various reasons his boat. If such a ship can be sold, our guests can be sure, that their planned and booked holiday at this flatboat can be held as planned.
We made with the owners, that booked charters take precedence over the sale. For you as a customer of Sailcharter Friesland this means that the planned vacation, even with a change of ownership can take place as planned.

Even interested in investment in a chartership ?

The conditions:
The ship may stay for rent in the fleet of Sailcharter Friesland.
Depending on the contract with Sailcharter Friesland you can use the ship two weeks a year free of charge.
The handing over to guests you can take over your-selves or let it carry out by a company in a bigger harbour.
Monthly settlement and transfer of the rental proceeds by Sailcharter Friesland.

With the rental proceeds you can partly re-finance the ship. Two weeks a year the ship is at your disposal for your own use. Service and repair in the winter can be bought by a ship-yard.
Further details, for instance sales of the last 4 years, sales prognosis, costs, profit, we gladly talk it over in a personal conversation.