Several Dutch flat bottom vessels for rent Friesland

Various schooner, Schokker, Zeeschouw and Grundel for rent in Friesland:

Schokker were fishing sailing ships that were used on the Zuiderzee and were distinguished in particular by the so-called Schokkerbaum, a swing device for fishing with trawls. The name of this type of ship comes from the island in the Zuiderzee Schokland.
A Zeeschouw has a relatively narrow base, falling heavily to the outside side walls and a falling inwards Boisel. The rigging is adapted from the Botter and consists of a mainsail, a Botterfock and driven on loose bowsprit jib to be set .
The Grundel (has a flat bottom, which runs up in the front and back easily. Originally used for fishery they were built during the twentieth century increasingly Grundel in yacht design. First made ??of wood, later steel.

Zeeschouw DOLLE DRIES, 3-5p, Workum
Zeeschouw DOLLE DRIES, 3-5p, Workum Dolle Dries
Zeeschouw SWARTENHONDT, 3-5p, Workum
Zeeschouw SWARTENHONDT, 3-5p, Workum Swartenhondt
Hoogaars Wiede Weerga, 2-4p, Workum
Hoogaars Wiede Weerga, 2-4p, Workum Dolle Dries

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