Additional Extras: Dinghies, Plotter, automatic lifejackets, ...

You can also rent the following extras from the base Workum. Please note, the offer is valid only for as long as the stock is sufficient.


We offer rubber dinghies for rent with two different sizes (with and without outboard engine):

Dinghy 330/400

Dinghy 330/400:

  per weekend per week
Dinghy 330, max. 4 persons 100.00 Euro 200.00 Euro
Dinghy 400, max. 6 persons 120.00 Euro 230.00 Euro
Dinghy 330, with engine, incl. 5l petrol 150.00 Euro 270.00 Euro
Dinghy 400, with engine, incl. 5l petrol 195.00 Euro 350.00 Euro

Lifejackets, Chartplotter:

Automatic Lifejackets   IPad Chartplotter
Automatic lifejacket
per weekend: 7.50 Euro
per week: 15.00 Euro
  IPad Chartplotter in Otter-Box
12 Volt Charging cable
DATA Sim for Internet
Recent NV-Charts
Tides/weather App
Internet Browser incl. Data bundle
  per weekend per week
Automatic lifejacket 7.50 Euro 15.00 Euro
IPad Plotter 35.00 Euro 60.00 Euro

The extras above are only available on a charter boat starting from our base in Workum and only as long as stocks last.