Rental incl. 2-days Flatbottom-Sailinginstruction

Our special offer for guests which have less or no experience sailing traditionell sailing ships:
You rent out our Zeeschouw or a Vissermanaak for one week, we will offer a complete arrangement incl. a 2-days flatbottom-sailingles.

The first day the instructor comes on board at 13.00 o'clock in our harbour. He trains with you the sailing- and harbourmanoeuvres till 19.00 o'clock. The second day you start with the training at 10.00 o'clock an round about 17.00 o'clock you will be back at our base.

Rental incl. 2 days training on flatboat Netherland

Rental incl. 2 days training on flatboat Netherland

Prices incl. 2 days Flatbottom-Sailinginstruction in 2017

06.03./ 19.03.
25.09./ 31.10.
20.03./ 16.04.
28.08./ 24.09.
17.04./ 04.06.
14.08./ 27.08.
05.06./ 13.08.

Zeeschouw "Dolle Dries" 7 days incl. 2 days flatbottom instruction

1.238 Euro

1.338 Euro

1.388 Euro

1.438 Euro


Lemsteraak visserman "HA 4" 7-days incl. 2 days flatbottom instruction

1.738 Euro

1.868 Euro

1.928 Euro

1.988 Euro

Then you start your holiday with a lot of more experience on the third day.
A very intens possibility to learn more about the special properties to sail a traditional flatbottom sailingyacht.