Sailinginstruction / Trainings and Practical Courses

SailCharter Friesland has been dealing for years with the fact to make flat-bottomed sailing possible for everyone. Here you will find our programms developed in cooperation with Scheepswijs, offer to sail with a traditional flat-bottomed sailing boat possible to you.

Sailinginstruction Trainings weekend with flatbottomed sailing boat

Sailinginstruction Trainings weekend

Sailinginstruction Trainings weekend with flatbottomed sailing boat

For experienced (keel boat) Skipper, we developed two - and four-hour courses. These are specially designed for launch day on board the flat-bottomed boat with which you want to go on vacation. You can choose from a 2 - hour module sailing or a 2 - hour module maneuvering, the blocks can also be combined. If you follow this (n) course (s), we think that you start relaxing in your cruise. Especially if you only have experience with keel yachts, this is a real tip.

One week rental incl. 2-days flatboat sailing instruction

When you are in doubt to go with a flat-bottom boat with vacation, this is an excellent opportunity to give it a try with one of our small sailing boats.

Short programs exclusively for SailcharterFriesland by Scheepswijs, Duration: 2 hours or sailing or manouevre